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Geotechnical Projects' Case Study

Geotechnical Projects

Fault Investigation, Elsinore Fault Zone

Lake Elsinore, California

A fault investigation was conducted at Lake Elsinore, California to determine if the  Willard Branch of the Elsinore Fault Zone transected a 27+ acre site on which an assisted living complex was proposed for construction.  An Open-File Report by the California Division of Mines and Geology (CDMG) had indicated that the trace of the Willard Fault was present in the northerly portion of the site--the fault symbol used on the geologic map indicated that the presence of the fault trace at that location was not definite.

M&A utilized the following methods to determine whether or not the Willard Fault was present within the site bounds:

The results of the personal meetings/interviews with faulting/seismic experts indicated that they do not believe the Willard Branch of the Elsinore Fault Zone is present as far north as Lake Elsinore.  Extensive literature review supports the absence of the Willard Fault in the area of the subject site.  The geophysical investigations did not indicate a major fault to be present at the site.  Detailed geologic mapping of the site and both fault-trenches revealed no indication of faulting.

The fault investigation report was reviewed by the Riverside County Geologist (Steve Kupferman), who concurred that the Willard Fault was not present within the site and approved construction of the facility.