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Natural Attenuation Case Study

NAtural Attenuation

Automobile Dealership (Burch Ford)
La Habra, CA

With the advent of the Lawrence Livermore Study in the mid 1990s, it became obvious that sites should be evaluated in terms of their actual threat to human health.  Maddox & Associates (M&A) formed a relationship with State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) personnel at the Division of Clean Water Programs, in Sacramento, who were actively involved in identifying sites that were deserving of closure. 

Steve Maddox worked together with  SWRCB personnel to modify the monitoring well construction at the Burch Ford site, conducted a natural attenuation study, and determined that, based on the hydrostratigraphy of the site and the active natural attenuation occurring, the site was not a threat to human health, the environment, or public safety and recommended site closure. 

The lead agency, the Orange County Health Care Agency, agreed to close the site when given the opportunity to review a draft of the Petition that was to be filed by the SWRCB recommending closure of the site.