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Geologist Qualifications

Steve Maddox - Cheif Geologist

Steve Maddox - Chief Geologist

Registrations:   • Professional Geologist, State of California, No. 4814
• Certified Hydrogeologist, State of California, No. 298
• Professional Geologist, State of Arizona, No. 52982
Certifications:   • Certified Health and Safety Training at Hazardous Waste Sites (OSHA)
• Waste Operations Site Supervisor Training
Memberships:   • Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers
• Groundwater Resources Association of California
Pertinent Courses
of Study:
  • Groundwater and Unsaturated Zone Monitoring and Sampling
• Analysis and Design of Aquifer Tests
• Groundwater Geochemistry
• Annual West Coast Conference on Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
• Southwest Focused Ground Water Conference: MTBE and Perchlorate
in Groundwater
• Perchlorate in California’s Groundwater
• Application of Risk Assessment for Environmental Decision Making at
Contaminant Release Sites
Education:   • Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, California State University Los Angeles

Associated Professionals

Maddox & Associates, Inc. employs the services of the following Associates:
• California State Certified Hydrogeologist: Groundwater modeling/vapor intrusion modeling;
• California State Certified Engineering Geologist: Geotechnical projects;
• Forensic Geochemist;
• Registered Soils Engineer;
• California Registered Civil Engineer
• Personnel associated with Maddox & Associates also hold registration in the following states as Professional Geologists: Texas, Nebraska and Wyoming.